Ayden Nel | Birth Story

Ayden Eliah Nel | BIRTH STORY

I am so excited to share this beautiful birth story with you. This was such a special day for me personally, because the birth I am sharing with you is that of my nephew Ayden Nel.

He was born on the evening of the 26th of March 2020 to my beautiful sister Leani Nel and her hubby Hannes.

I went up to Middelburg in Mpumalanga a few weeks prior to her due date to be sure that I was there when the time came for Ayden to be born.

I was astonished by the strength I saw in my sister, I could not be more proud of her and the way she took charge of her birth. The atmospheer was completely calm and near silent as she labored like a champion before birthing her gorgeous boy in the water at 9:06pm. It was such a beautiful and sacred birth and I was overwhelmed with emotion watching it all unfold.

Ayden is my sister’s 3rd child and has two gorgeous big sister’s Abigail and Adelynn. The two girls where present at the birth and were patiently awaiting the arrival of their new baby brother.

Leani had natural birth’s with both girls as well and her experience showed. The atmosphere was calm and tranquil. She made use of relaxing guided meditations and essential oils for natural calming and pain relief. Hubby and I rubbed her back and brought her tea and she focused on what was important.

The labour was fast and intense, about 4 hours of active labour and baby was here!

The girls were so excited to meet their new baby brother. And Aunty Lindie was crying in the corner capturing these special moments… What an awesome privilege!

Thank you to my sister Leani and hubby Hannes for allowing me into this special and intimate moment in your lives, I feel blessed to have been there…

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