Cristiano Da Costa | Birth Story

Cristiano Douglas Da Costa | BIRTH STORY

Less than two weeks after Mommy Alexa was present when I photographed the birth of her beautiful niece Alessia Madonna, the Da Costa family welcomed their own little bundle of joy with the birth of their son Cristiano. It is not often that one gets to witness two sisters stepping into motherhood together and it was so beautiful to watch these sisters share this amazing gift alongside each other.

You can view the photos of Alessia Madonna’s birth HERE!

Little Cristiano decided to be a little different and entered the world feet first… This was a first time for me, and what a precious photo!

Little Da Costa was born at 8:39 AM on the 27th of November 2019. He weighed 3.24 kg and was 50cm long. How precious is he?

Thank you to the Da Costa family for trusting me with these precious memories. It was an honor to be a part of this special day in your lives.

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