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Fresh 48 Photography is a photo session done within the first 48 hours after the birth of your baby. It is usually done in the hospital or birth facility where baby was born.

Fresh 48 photo sessions fall under the lifestyle photography niche. Therefore they  usually do not involve a lot of props or posing, but are more natural and documentary style. 

My Fresh 48 photography sessions are designed to document your Baby’s first days in hospital. Therefore the sessions will certainly include Mom, Dad and siblings. Furthermore you may choose to include any other Family members in your Fresh 48 session.

Fresh 48

The first few days after a new baby is born are usually a blur to new parents. It seems like mommies often cannot recall too much details about those first few days.

The reason is clear. Excitement, exhaustion and often times medication, means these first special days are really a whirlwind of emotion and activity that leaves little breathing room for new parents to take it all in.

Booking a photographer to document this important time for you, means that you will always remember what your first days as new parents were like. 

A fresh 48 photo session is the perfect time to get some great images of baby meeting family members for the first time! Especially if you opted not to have a Birth Photographer present at your birth. Finally it is a good opportunity for your first family portraits.

Fresh 48

It is important to know the rules of your Hospital or Birth Centre. Make sure of your wards visiting hours. Book your session for a time when you don’t have any Physical Therapy or other consultations scheduled. 

If you are concerned about what you will look like during your session – we can always arrange a hair and makeup artist to come in and doll you up for your session! Please arrange with me ahead of time, as good Makeup Artists are usually quite busy.

Just relax! The birth of a new Baby is such a special time… These photo sessions are very laid back. I want to see your natural reaction and emotions toward the new member of your family! Your photographs will be beautiful, you do not need to be worried about that, leave it up to me! 


Fresh 48
Fresh 48
Fresh 48

If you are expecting a little one and consequently struggling to decide between a Birth Photographer or a Fresh 48 session, you do not need to choose! 

Because when you book me as your Birth Photographer you will receive a free Mini-session of your choice! Hence, you can opt to have a Mini Fresh 48 session along with your birth package. As a result you get the best of both worlds and plenty of beautiful photos to share with family and friends!

To BOOK me as your BIRTH or FRESH 48 PHOTOGRAPHER  email me at 

I look forward to capturing your STORY!

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